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Mark D. Weingarten, M.D.
1282 Walton Blvd.
Rochester Hills, MI 48307
Phone: (248) 650-2255

Hours: Monday through Friday with evening and Saturday morning appointments also available

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Detroit / Rochester Eye Emergencies Specialist - Dr. Weingarten

If you are experiencing eye pain, redness, swelling or decreased vision, it is a good idea to contact an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. These symptoms could indicate a local ocular problem that requires prompt and correct treatment to prevent possible loss of sight. If you sustain a blow to the eye and develop swollen shut eyelids, do not press on the eye, as this may do further internal damage. If double vision is present, this may indicate a fracture of one of the orbital bones.

For chemical burns, rinse the eyes for at least 15 minutes and seek professional help as soon as you can after rinsing. Symptoms of a corneal abrasion or conjunctival foreign body, may be pain, tearing, and foreign body sensation. If you are experiencing pain, redness, swelling, decreased vision or have had trauma or injury to the eyes, contact an ophthalmologist, physician or an emergency room as soon as possible.

To reduce the risk of trauma or injury to the eye, be sure to wear protective goggles or face masks whenever appropriate, such when playing sports, working in the shop, or mixing/using caustic chemicals. A minute of preparation can be worth a lifetime of good vision.

Dr. Weingarten strives to deliver the best possible treatment results for all of his patients. This approach, coupled with his advanced surgical skill, has helped Dr. Weingarten become recognized as a top Detroit and Rochester LASIK surgeon. In addition, he performs state-of-the-art cataract surgery and has helped numerous cataracts Detroit patients restore youthful vision. At Dr. Weingarten's offices, patients can also receive a range of general eye care treatments, including presbyopia evaluation and therapy, glaucoma treatment and comprehensive eye exams.

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