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Mark D. Weingarten, M.D.
1282 Walton Blvd.
Rochester Hills, MI 48307
Phone: (248) 650-2255

Hours: Monday through Friday with evening and Saturday morning appointments also available

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Detroit / Rochester Diabetic Retinopathy Specialist - Dr. Mark Weingarten

One of the possible complications of diabetes is a condition called diabetic retinopathy, which causes many of the small vessels that bring blood to the retina to become constricted or damaged. This disorder usually occurs in both eyes.

In the early phase of the disease, the remaining blood vessels may leak fluid, causing a permanent distortion of vision. At later stages, new vessels may grow on the retina and leak blood into the eyeball. This will dim or completely obliterate the vision. In both kinds of blood leakage, scar tissue can form on the retina, also causing permanent vision loss.

Because diabetic retinopathy often has no early symptoms, it is vital for all diabetics to have a yearly eye exam by an ophthalmologist. Treatments such as laser surgery are available, but they are more effective the earlier they are used.

In addition to being recognized as a top Detroit diabetic retinopathy specialist, Dr. Weingarten is regarded as a highly experienced Detroit glaucoma and macular degeneration expert. He is also a highly skilled eye surgeon offering advanced forms of cataract surgery and LASIK eye surgery in Detroit. In order to help presbyopia Detroit patients achieve clear vision, Dr. Weingarten offers a range of leading-edge contact lenses and advanced eyeglasses.

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