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Mark D. Weingarten, M.D.

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Detroit / Rochester Contact Lenses Expert - Dr. Mark Weingarten

While contact lenses and glasses both provide similar correction for vision problems, there are some advantages to using contact lenses. First of all, many people find contact lenses to be more comfortable to wear than glasses. The contacts don't fog or steam in weather, they don't slip on the nose or put pressure on the ear, and they don't obstruct one's appearance. In addition, contacts can provide better correction for people with conditions such as a high astigmatism, and those requiring a high degree of distance correction.Contacts also allow for better peripheral vision than glasses do.

The two main types of contact lenses available are semihard-gas permeable and soft. These vary in their characteristics and their uses. For more information on the advantages of wearing contact lenses, consult us at (248) 650-2255. We will perform a complete eye exam to recommend the best lenses for correction of your myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and/or presbyopia.

Now you can order your contact lenses directly from Rochester Eye Care. Click here to learn more about this service.

In addition to offering contact lenses and eye glasses for the correction of refractive errors, Dr. Weingarten performs laser eye surgery in Detroit. By surgically adjusting the shape of the cornea, he can help patients achieve clear vision at all distances. Dr. Weingarten also specializes in premium IOLs cataract surgery, a sophisticated procedure that helps cataracts patients restore youthful eyesight. Other procedures patients can undergo at Dr. Weingarten's offices include macular degeneration therapy and glaucoma laser surgery.

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