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Cataract Surgery in Detroit

Dr. Weingarten is proud of his reputation as a foremost Detroit cataracts surgeon — the result of numerous successful procedures and personal referrals from satisfied patients. In order to help each and every patient achieve the best possible vision correction results, he performs thorough evaluations and takes the time to develop individualize treatment plans. This approach allows Dr. Weingarten to consistently deliver highly rewarding treatment outcomes for all of his cataracts Detroit patients.

A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens inside the eye. Cataracts usually develop with aging of the eye, but can also be caused by diabetes, medications or trauma to the eye.

Normal Lens and Cataract Lens Comparison

If you have a cataract you may notice a gradual decrease in your ability to see things clearly. You may feel as though there is a fog over your eye, and your vision may seem dim.

If you have a cataract and a spectacle prescription change does not help to improve vision, then the clouded lens should be surgically removed and replaced with an artificial lens.

It is important to realize that cataract can be removed only surgically. It cannot be removed with a laser, although lasers can be used in their treatment after surgery. When performing cataract surgery, Dr. Weingarten uses a small incision and an ultrasound hand piece to fragment and remove the clouded lens (cataract).

A lens implant is then inserted to replace the cloudy lens. The procedure is usually very successful in restoring vision, and is performed as an outpatient.

In addition to being a highly regarded Detroit cataract surgery specialist, Dr. Weingarten is also a renowned LASIK surgeon. He uses advanced surgical technologies and techniques to perform precise surgical maneuvers that alter the shape of the cornea, thus enhancing patients' vision. In order to determine which laser eye surgery procedure is most appropriate for each patient, Dr. Weingarten performs complete eye exams in Detroit, Michigan. As a highly experienced general ophthalmology specialist, Dr. Weingarten also offers presbyopia evaluation and treatment and glaucoma surgery.

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